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Alarm and Monitoring Systems

Alarm Monitoring

Intrusion Detection and Panic Alert Monitoring

Our alarm system and monitoring solution are designed to provide the most effective response to a safety and security situation. We provide the products sales, installation, and support of safety and security monitoring devices. Through our central monitoring stations, we offer real-time monitoring and response to events. Our solutions can enable;

Arming and disarming alarm systems remotely.

Dispatching and deploying of local law enforcement.

Cellular technology to prevent phone tempering.

How You Benefit

Security installation and monitoring requirements vary by locations. Having licensed and certified experts to install and support within the local area offers tremendous advantages in the mastering of your security regulations.

We serve as your single point of contact for product sales, installation and support. We leverage the local area technicians and service providers to ensure you save money and reduces the time between problem and resolution.

How We Achieve Results

LABUSA consultants and security experts will work with you on the following next steps:

Identify alarm monitoring needs for the organization.

Design a systems with integrated safety and security devices.

Setup a monitoring solution with event response matrix.

Install and implement solutions.

Test monitoring devices on a routine bases.

Provide ongoing monitoring service and support.