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Access Control

Access Control

Access Control - Key card, PIN, and Biometric Solutions

Our access control solution is the process of implementing systems that control the selective restriction on places and resources. We provide the deployment of locking mechanisms to login credentials and the electronic technology that manages these devices. Our access control solutions support three types of authenticating methods; 

Something the user knows, Passcode (Password or PIN)

Something the user has, RFID

(smart cards and badges)

Something the user is, Biometeric (fingerprint, retina, and facial recognition)

How You Benefit

We integrate access control systems with other IT devices and surveillance systems. This approach provides a centralized platform for the monitoring and management of all security points. Having the ability to limit unauthorized entry to your business or resources is just one benefit.

Having the ability to combine the monitoring and management of the solution with the entire security operations of the business provides a higher level of control

How We Achieve Results

LABUSA consultants and security experts will work with you on the following next steps:

Identify access control needs for the organization.

Designing access control systems that leverage existing technology

Implement and integrate access control systems.

Provide ongoing service and support.